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Another Awesome Part of #MSCW is #CreateYourCity

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Hey folks — today’s the official start of Maine Startup and Create Week so we’ll be doing some more blogging on this site each day.  One of the things that’s been amazing about this event are all the collaborators involved.  One of those amazing folks are Adam Burk of the TreeHouse Institute.  Adam is  someone that has inspired me to “Think Big” about my own work.  Throughout the whole planning of this event, he sat with me on Wednesday mornings over coffee — helping me to think about how to make #MSCW amazing for folks.  He’s an awesome part of the community.  Oh, and we’re also psyched to have him speaking on Sunday at the Think Big Bash!

But almost more importantly then all of that — is the amazing stuff that he’s organized with others next week called  #CreateYourCity.  I just got an email from him that outlines what is happening.  Check it out below:

What do a piano, a phone booth, and a bike shop have in common? 

#CreateYourCity is a festival of imagining and doing. From June 16-20, nascent dreams for our community will come to life through a series of temporary urban demonstrations. Each demonstration serves as a creative spark–encouraging interaction and new ideas that can inspire future actions and improvements. Building on the talent, skills and creativity that already exist in Maine, and welcoming great ideas from anywhere in the world, we’re offering an opportunity for everyone to take part in creating our city.

Stop by One Canal Plaza during Maine Startup and Create Week to see our city come to life with the following installations, events and activities with many more to be added soon! Join the event on Facebook to keep up to speed with schedule updates as they happen! As of right now the schedule is:

Wednesday 6/18

7am: Morning coffee with Tandem Coffee Roasters

11am: Open air lecture with Colin Sullivan-Stevens

3pm: Anchorpak Pop-up Shop

All Day: Share your ideas about Portland in the MPBN story booth or come play the plaza piano!

Thursday 6/19

7am: Morning yoga with Trish Baird

11am: Open air lecture with Sarah Schindler

3pm: Anchorpak Pop-up Shop

Dusk: Outdoor film presented by ICA@MECA

All Day: Share your ideas about Portland in the MPBN story booth or come play the plaza piano!

Friday 6/20

11am: Open air lecture with Sean Wilkinson

12pm: Lunchtime music set by Earth Person

3pm: Anchorpak with More + Co Popup Shop

7pm: Evening music by Earth Person


Remember to Think Big! Adam Burk, TEDxDirigo director and Treehouse Institute founder, will be speaking at the opening session of Maine Start Up and Create Week on June 15 in Portland. He will share what drives him in creating TEDxDirigo and more. Please come out to support him!  

Lastly, remember to block off November 9 for TEDxDirigo: Mavericks and Misfits! Registration to open with the launch of our updated website soon!

We hope to see you around Portland next week! 

With joy,

Adam Burk

See, I told you what they were doing is awesome.  Come down and be a part of Maine Startup and Create Week and come #CreateYourCity.  It’s all going to be epic!


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